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Dallas Arms Collectors Association Market Hall Vendor Information

  • Dallas Arms Collectors is comitted to customer service and our vendors are the heart of our Market Hall Gun Show. We would like to update our records so that we might be more responsive to you as a vendor and to be more proactive in promoting you and your offerings.

    Your information provided here will remain PRIVATE and we promise to you that we do not sell or distribute it without your permission.

    We understand your time is valuable and we have tried to make this form as easy to use as possible, if you experience any problems or have trouble with this form please email us directly at and we will have a specialist assist you. We envision that this form only need be completed once unless information changes on your end. Items with an '*' or asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in.
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  • Please provide the name of the Primary Point of Contact for you and/or your company.
    This would be the person that we would attempt to contact if we needed to reach you or your company during a show at Market Hall.
  • In case of your absence during a Market Hall Show can you please give us an alternate Point of Contact for you and/or your company.
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  • In the unlikely event of an emergency such as a medical emergency who would you wish for us to contact?
    This information will NEVER be used except in an emergency.