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Frequently Asked Questions about
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
Hunter Education

Need to ask questions?  You may email Dallas Arms Collectors Association and our training providers The Texas Training Crew will ensure that a Certified Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor will respond and answer all your questions regarding Texas Hunter Education.




Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunter Education Certification
Who needs to take Hunter Education?

Every hunter (including out-of-state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must successfully complete hunter education. Minimum age for certification is 9 years old.

If you were born on or after September 2, 1971 and you are:

  • under 9 years of age, you must be accompanied*.
  • age 9 through 16, you must successfully complete hunter education, OR you must be accompanied.
  • age 17 and over, you must successfully complete hunter education; OR purchase a “Hunter Education Deferral,” and you must be accompanied.

For a complete Hunter Education FAQ directly from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) website click – here.  You will be taken to a different page located on the TPWD website.

Cost of TPWD Hunter Education Certification?
NO CHARGE to students through Dallas Arms Collectors Association **

  • By statute the State of Texas has placed a fixed fee of $15.00 per student on TPWD Hunter Education Certification.  Dallas Arms Collectors Association (an educational not-for-profit organization has an educational mission and) as part of their giving to the community provides at no cost to the student TPWD Hunter Education Certification.
  • ** Dallas Arms Collectors Association has elected to provide funds to educate the general public and contributes funds to  offset the cost of the TPWD Hunter Education Certification fee as established by the State of Texas.  As a result of the giving of DACA, TPWD Hunter Education Certification is provided at NO CHARGE to eligible students.
  • ** When a qualified student elects to take the TPWD Hunter Education Course through a Dallas Arms Collectors Association class held at a Market Hall Show there is NO charge to the student if the student is 17 years of age or younger.
  • ** Cost of admission to the Dallas Arms Collectors Association Market Hall Show is waived for all qualifying students and their parents and/or guardians.
  • Students 18 years old or older without a qualifying student of 17 years old or younger may email us directly to find out eligibility to receive this training at no charge.

What to bring to class?

  • Bring yourself ready to learn and have a good time.
  • If you are under 17 years of age, try to bring your parents or guardian that is going to be hunting with you.
  • Bring your friends and family.
  • Please DO NOT bring Firearms, Bows, weapons or hunting equipment.  Dallas Arms Collectors Association and Texas Training Crew will provide all training aids needed for the course.

Will we break for Lunch?

  • Yes the course if from 9:00am to 4:00pm and we will break for lunch.
  • Is food available on premises?  Yes, food is available for purchase at Market Hall but we recommend that you bring lunch or make arraignments to have lunch brought in.
  • Parking at Market Hall can be challenging and with only a limited time available for lunch leaving and coming back in time to start the class can be a challenge.

Who will be my Instructor?

  • Instructors are ALL members of Texas Training Crew and have been vetted and certified as instructors through Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.
  • All Instructors are background checked through State Police and TPWD Game Wardens
  • Texas Training Crew always “team” teaches courses and these classes will be taught by two or more instructors.
  • It is hard to determine specifically which Instructors will be teaching a given course as Training Crew has many instructors and many courses – instructors are assigned on a class by class basis.
  • All Instructors are volunteers.
  • Can I speak to the Instructor?  Yes you may, if you use the contact us form and provide us with your initial questions we will put you in direct contact with the lead instructor for a given course.
  • Do Instructors have regular business hours?  Some do, while others don’t – Keep in mind all Instructors are volunteers and as such they count on Texas Training Crew to help assist them with overall communications regarding courses.  Essentially, while we will do our best to return emails and phone calls as quickly as practical, there may those times life might delay us, please have understanding with us as we strive to serve you.

I cannot attend the course date and time listed are there other options?

  • Indeed, there are over 2700 plus certified TPWD Hunter Education Certified Instructors in the state of Texas.
  • There are many other Instructors and courses offered outside of those at the Dallas Arms Collectors Association Market Hall Show.
  • If you find yourself needing a course other than one listed through Dallas Arms Collectors Association you may contact Texas Training Crew on the contact form or reach out to Texas Parks & Wildlife Department or contact Texas Hunter Education Instructors Association (THEIA) and each of these entities will be happy to assist you in locating a suitable class.

What is covered in the course?

  • The Classroom Course covers the core standards in Firearm, Hunting and Outdoor Safety, Hunting Responsibilities and Wildlife Conservation. Some classroom courses are extended to cover additional topics such as Bowhunting, Muzzleloaders, Outdoor Survival and First Aid.

Can I fail the course?

  • Yes, attitude is one of the most important aspects of a sportsman and hunter and the wrong attitude can lead to one not passing the course at the discretion of the Instructors.  One may unsuccessfully complete the course on attitude alone even if achieving a minimum score of 75% on the written exam.
  • It is possible to fail the course of one does not attend the entire course or participate in the course.
  • The student is required to take a written exam and must obtain a score of 75% correct answers to pass successfully.
  • I have a learning disability or special needs will this cause me to fail the written exam – see below.

What happens after the course?

  • Upon successful completion, you will receive a temporary card. Your instructor will send in the originals for processing. You may legally hunt with a valid Texas hunting license and your temporary certification card. Your permanent Texas Hunter Education certification card will be mailed out within a short period of time.
  • The receipt of your permanent Texas Hunter Education certification card is directly effected by the work load in Austin at Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.  During peak seasons it takes longer to process students and receive your permanent card in the mail.
  • If you have lost your wallet card, please visit the TPWD website.

I am going hunting out of state will my Texas Hunter Education Certification work in other states?

  • YES – Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Hunter Education Certification is recognized by and developed in conjunction with IHEA (International Hunter Education Association) and as such is valid in all states requiring Hunter Education Certification.
  • NOTE: Federal Lands in addition to public and private hunting venues might require special and/or additional education or training.  Research your hunt and check all rules and regulations before you arrive to hunt, remember a hunter plans their hunt and hunts their plan.  Be prepared.

Learning Disabilities and/or Special Considerations

  • Some Texas Training Crew Instructors themselves have learning disabilities or require special considerations, as such we understand not everyone learns at the same rate, in the same way and that sometimes we as instructors have to provide learning opportunities in non-traditional methods.
  • Dallas Arms Collectors Association, Texas Training Crew and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department hunter education instructors are committed to providing a safe learning environment and experience to everyone willing to learn.  As such we will take all steps practical to ensure that no one is denied the ability to learn and become Hunter Education Certified.
  • If you or a child under your control has Learning Disabilities and/or special consideration needs, PLEASE let the Instructors know when signing up so that we may consult with you and we can prepare to meet any needs we can to help you or your child.

Test Taking:

  • The most common request we get is that some children do not take tests well or do not read well.  If reading or test taking is a consideration please let us know so that we might provide assistance during the test or make provision for the test to be administered verbally.

Audibly Challenged:

  • Texas Training Crew has Instructors that are audibly challenged and experience in working with those with audible challenges.  Please contact us directly using the contact form so that we might assist you further.

Visually Challenged:

  • Texas Training Crew has Instructors that understand the needs of the visually challenged outdoors-person, please use the contact us form to contact us directly so that we might assist you further.

“Para” Challenged:
Paraplegic Challenges / Mobility Challenges:

  • Texas Training Crew has member Instructors that are themselves “Para” challenged and as such we have a special in-site into the needs and challenges of the paraplegic sportsperson.  Dallas Arms Collectors Association and Texas Training Crew in conjunction with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department work directly with Turning Point Nation a leading “Para” sportsperson organization who’s mission is to provide mobility challenged persons with the skills necessary to fully enjoy the outdoors and adventures of life.
  • To see photos of some of our Training Crew members working with Turning Point Nation click – here.

Alternate Language Courses:

  • Texas Training Crew has member Instructors that have language skills to help serve those who’s primary language is not English.  Some member Instructors teach in Spanish as well as other languages.  While we do not offer these courses all the time if you have a special need please use the contact us form and contact us directly so that we might assist you in locating the classes you need.


What does Hunter Education Look like….


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