NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting


The NRA is the leader in firearms safety and training – they have been educating the public since 1871.  Dallas Arms Collectors Association is proud to bring NRA training to the Market Hall Show by hosting The Texas Training Crew and their professional group of Instructors.  At the Market Hall Show we provide both basic courses for those seeking to learn the fundamentals as well as Instructor level course offerings for those who have achieved a level of mastery of pistol and/or rifle and/or shotgun and are now ready to teach others by becoming an Instructor.


NEW for 2016 – The National Rifle Association’s Training & Education Division has developed and released a new training initiative for 2016.  Currently the most popular firearms courses taught in Texas and across the country are handgun courses.  The public’s desire for handgun training & information has outpaced the number of qualified handgun instructors.  Due to the overwhelming demand for handgun education quality of Instruction began to suffer. The National Rifle Association who has been in the firearms safety and training business since 1871 has been working to service the public while maintaining the highest of training standards so as to deliver the most complete, accurate and comprehensive training available.  The primary focus of the NRA is that of the STUDENT and that safety comes first.  In keeping with their 145 year tradition, the National Rifle Association went back to the drawing board to develop the best training course possible.  Through extensive research it has been proven that people generally learn more and retain information better when a variety of teaching techniques are used to present information for learning.


Keeping pace with current trends and to provide the best in overall teaching & training, the NRA has released a new online e-Learning initiative.  The NRA has given the new course offerings a title of “blended learning” because the course materials will be presented to students in two formats.  Initial presentation is in the form of an e-Learning format presented online that prepares the student to move toward the conclusion of the course which takes place in a traditional legacy classroom/range format.

The e-Learning module called Phase 1 of the Basics of Pistol Shooting course is taught online and completed at the pace of the individual student.  Upon completion of Phase 1 the e-Learning module, students will then progress to and attend Phase 2, a hands on practical module taught in a classroom which incorporates review and practice of everything students have learned including shooting a handgun at the  gun range.

Phase 2 will offer the student opportunities to shoot on the range and to achieve varying levels of shooting recognition based upon their individual performance.  Phase 2 will also allow students to request continued training should they wish to advance their shooting skills.


How to take the NRA Basic of Pistol Shooting Course

FIRST – The course is comprised of two different modules.  Phase 1 taught online, taken on your computer and Phase 2, taught in the classroom and at the range.  Because of the structure of the course students are required to pay for each Phase/module at the time they take the module.  In essence to complete the full course, both Phase 1 and Phase 2, it will require students to make two separate payments.  For more on this – see NOTES highlighted in Phase 1 below.

SECOND – Locate an Instructor offering the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course

  • A NRA Basic Pistol Course begins with a prospective student selecting a course.
  • Courses may be selected by going to and using the “FIND A COURSE” search feature to locate a course and instructor.
  • Take note as to what the Instructor is going to charge for Phase 2.  Keep in mind what students see as a fee for the courses found vary from Instructor to Instructor and Location to Location.  When a student finds a course for Phase 2 they will only be paying the Instructor for the Phase 2 portion of the Basics of Pistol Shooting course.  NOTE: The course fee for Phase 2 is payable to the Instructor.  The cost of Phase 1 has been fixed and is currently $60.00 payable to the NRA directly when you sign up and take Phase 1 online.
  • Pay particularly close attention to the notes in the comments section as each Instructor publishes important information here for all students to review.

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Basics of Pistol Shooting Course


  • The Basics of Pistol Shooting course will be taught in two parts, or modules…
  • Phase 1 – the online module presented in a e-Learning format ….then ….
  • Phase 2, a hands on module that takes place in the classroom and at the shooting range.
  • Phase 2 is where students will receive personal instruction from a NRA Certified Instructor
  • Phase 2, students will attend and participate in a classroom setting where they receive hands on instruction with handguns.
  • Phase 2 finishes with the students taking all the information learned and putting it into practice at the gun range by shooting with the Instructor in a safe, relaxed environment that will help students to achieve their goal of learning the Basics of Pistol Shooting.

To Start the process of taking a NRA Basics of Pistol Shooing Course one must go to the NRA online training web site.


  • PRIOR TO REGISTERING WITH AN INSTRUCTOR students must successfully complete Phase 1 (online e-Learning)
  • After student registers and successfully completes Phase 1 – they may then register and take Phase 2 to complete the course.
  • To register for Phase 1 see Phase 1 below.

The NRA website states: To register for this course you must have completed the basics of pistol shooting phase 1 online available at Upon successful completion of phase 1 you print your certificate and your Personal Identification Number(PIN) is activated. You must use that PIN to sign up for this course.

  • The statement above is a bit confusing.  Phase 1 is not the classroom portion of the NRA Basic Pistol Course.  Phase 1 is the online introduction, e-Learning and didactic portion of the course.

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Phase 1 – e-Learning

  • After a course has been located a student you will sign up and register for Phase 1 of the course to be taken online.
  • Students will register for Phase 1 at
  • During your registration students are required to create a personal identification number or PIN.  When students create their PIN, they should write it down or remember it as it will be needed to complete Phase 1 and to move on to Phase 2.
  • To participate in Phase 1, (the e-Learning website) you will register for the e-Learning module and you will pay the NRA a fee (currently $60.00) to take Phase 1, the online portion of the course.

Note: Payment for Phase 1, is made directly to the NRA and only allows the student to take the online/Phase 1 portion of the course, this fee paid directly to the NRA  does not apply toward  the payment/fees the Instructor will assess for Phase 2.  Remember Phase 2 is the classroom & shooting range portion of the course that will be done after the successful completion of the online e-Learning at a later date with a NRA Certified Instructor.  It is essential that the student understand Phase 1 & Phase 2 are financially separate obligations.)

  • Phase 1 is completely done online.
  • Phase 1 is self-paced, students may start and stop the course as they wish.  If a student elects to stop and return later to continue the course they will start where they left off without having to start from the beginning all over again.
  • Students have 90 days from the date of registration to complete Phase 1.
  • Upon registration and payment to the NRA for Phase 1 – students will be sent a hard copy of the “NRA GUIDE – Basics of PISTOL SHOOTING”.  This reference book will serve as course study material to be used in conjunction with the online e-Learning module and should be kept by the student for future reference.  The book will be delivered directly to the student by the US Postal Service.
  • Upon completion of the online e-Learning module Phase 1 – students will received their certificate of completion for Phase 1 and their PIN Numbers will be activated to allow for registration for Phase 2.

NRA Guide – Basics of PISTOL SHOOTING – Student learning materials

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daca-0614-78Phase 2 – Practical

  • Now the fun begins……
  • Phase 1 must be successfully completed in its entirety prior to moving on to Phase 2.
  • When students have completed Phase 1 of the course – Phase 2 of the course will be “unlocked”, and with the use of the PIN created in Phase 1, students may sign in and register for Phase 2 at
  • Once registered and admitted to Phase 2 students will attend the “hands on”, classroom & practicals portion of the course to review everything you have learned to date.
  • When a student arrives at the classroom/range to complete Phase 2 of the Basics of Pistol Shooting course they then make payment to the Instructor for Phase 2.
  • Students should bring with them to the classroom and range the reference guide “NRA Guide – Basics of PISTOL SHOOTING” that was sent to them as part of their Phase 1 training.  The materials in this book will be used throughout the review and classroom portion of Phase 2.
  • Instructors should reach out to students  to discuss firearms, ammunition and personal protection equipment to bring or not bring to the Phase 2 classroom/ range.

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The Bottom Line is this ….