Education & Training

Dallas Arms is committed to safety & training through education. DACA proudly offers various educational courses from beginner to advanced as well as Instructor level teachings at all the Market Hall Shows. For the latest information use the button below to see upcoming events.

Educational Opportunities

Education & Training

While Dallas Arms Collectors offers many different educational offerings the three main categories are listed below. Click on any image to be taken directly to the dedicated page.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunter Education Certification

Dallas Arms Collectors Association as a non-profit organization believes safety and education are critical to anyone interested in arms collecting or hunting. So important is Hunter Education Dallas Arms provided free of charge at every gun show Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunter Education courses free of charge. For more Information or to register for a class click the icon to the left.

NRA Courses & Training

Since 1871 the National Rifle Association has been at the forefront of training and education. The NRA has taught Americans firearms safety and training through education since it's inception and today leads the industry with the most comprehensive offering of courses and training available. From basic and introduction classes to advanced and Instructor courses Dallas Arms Collectors has what you are seeking. Click the icon to the left to read more.

Texas Training Crew

The Texas Training Crew provides the professional training for the Dallas Arms Collectors Association. To learn more about the Texas Training Crew, to locate other educational opportunities or to become a member of the crew click on the icon to the left.

Took NRA Pistol Instructor, great course - very professional training. As a range owner I have sent my employees through training here at Dallas Arms.

Tom Krieg